Effective Commercial Pest Management Services in London

Monitor Pest Control operates across London and the South East, offering a comprehensive range of commercial pest solutions. We work with businesses and organisations throughout London, providing commercial pest control and pest management services that will protect your business from a wide variety of pests.

Our professional pest technicians will quickly and safely eradicate pests from your premises, using industry best practice that conforms to the latest legislation and health and safety standards.

Our London pest management contract experience includes:
  • A2 Dominion 
  • National Autistic Society 
  • Asiko House of Foods 
  • Notting Hill Genesis 
  • Brown Catering Co Ltd
  • Network Homes 
  • Charlton Triangle
  • The Royal College of Surgeons 
  • Goldsmiths University of London 
  • Plumstead Manor School 
  • London & Quadrant Housing Association 
  • SeeWoo UK Ltd
  • The Salvation Army
  • SOAS University of London
  • Morden Mount Primary School
  • St Mungo's Housing Association 


At Monitor, we offer a full range of professional pest prevention and control services in the London area. Whether you want to safely remove rats from your business, need cockroach control, bird control, insect control, or need help with bed bugs in London, Monitor is the expert at dealing with pests.

Areas we cover for pest control in South East London include: Bexley, Bromley, Croydon, Greenwich, Lewisham, Richmond, Sutton, Crystal Palace, Woolwich, Plumstead, Welling, Beckenham and Chislehurst.


We offer a full range of bird pest control in London. From bird proofing against feral pigeons with pigeon spikes and pigeon netting, to the removal of gull nests and other bird problems, Monitor can help.

Pest pigeons, seagulls, starlings, and other birds can create a variety of issues for commercial properties, including slip hazards from unhygienic pigeon droppings, blocked gutters from pigeon nests, property damage, and attacks on staff and visitors. A pest bird or pigeon infestation can be of particular concern to old or listed buildings, where the damage caused can be irreparable or very expensive to restore.

Our specialist bird pest control service is available to any businesses across London that require protection from birds. Monitor Bird Control is licensed to provide seagull nest removal services and seagull deterrent systems for certain species of seagull. Our seagull control specialists operate throughout London and the South East.

As professional bird control experts, we offer a wide range of bird proofing and bird control solutions including pigeon and seagull deterrents such as bird netting and bird spikes. These measures will prevent a range of bird species causing a nuisance, including seagulls and pigeons.


We work with businesses and organisations across London, providing commercial pest prevention and pest management services.  Not only will these services help to protect your business and employees, but if you are a BRC or SALSA accredited organisation, we can design and implement a pest management programme which will help you to retain your accreditation.

While we do not offer a pest control service directly to individuals, we provide residential pest control and pest prevention services to householders and residential addresses throughout London on behalf of contracts with local and national Housing Associations and Local Authorities, including A2 Dominion, London & Quadrant Housing Association, and St Mungo's Housing Association.

I'm looking for pest management services near me. Which areas of London do you cover?

We are well placed to provide pest control services throughout the London area, including:

  • Pest control in North London
  • Pest control in West London
  • Pest control in South London
  • Pest control in East London

Operating across London and the South East, Monitor is a member of the British Pest Control Association, giving you peace of mind that we operate to high standards. We have provided a wide range of pest management solutions covering London, Kent and the South East for more than a quarter of a century. Whether you require a mouse exterminator in London, insect controlwasp nest removalcockroach control, bed bug eradication, or you have a bird problem with seagulls or pigeons plaguing your premises, Monitor can be relied upon for a quick, safe and lasting solution for all pest issues. 

If you have a pest problem and would like to discuss our pest control services in London or would like a site visit and free no obligation quote, please call us today on 01474 358855, or complete our contact form.  

Do you offer fox pest control in London?

Yes. If you have a fox problem in an urban area, our team of expert pest control technicians can solve your fox problems. Foxes have become an increasing problem in towns and cities, with urban foxes gaining access to refuse areas and causing a mess and damage. Monitor can provide fox control in London, helping you to both get rid of foxes from your property and fox proof them to prevent further issues.

Do you offer wasp control in North London?

Yes. We provide wasp control services across London, including the North London area. Our North London pest control team can deal with any type of pest infestation. Wasps can be a particular nuisance during the summer months and a wasp infestation could seriously impact your business. Monitor will quickly and efficiently handle all your London wasp nest removal and wasp extermination and prevention needs.

Do you offer bee removal in East London?

Yes. Our professional pest control team provide bee, wasp, and hornet control solutions across London.

Do you offer pest control in London for mice and rats?

Yes. If you are looking for mouse pest control in London or a rat control service, Monitor provides rat and mice control in London and the surrounding areas.

Do you offer bed bug extermination in London?

Yes. If you are looking for bed bug control in London, Monitor provides a range of professional bed bug treatments in London and the surrounding areas. As well as offering professional treatments and bed bug removal if you have a bed bug infestation, we can also train staff to spot signs of a bed bug infestation to prevent bed bug problems from reoccurring.

How much does pest control in London cost?

Pest control costs depend on a variety of elements including the size and nature of your business and premises, and to which particular pests they may be prone. However, at Monitor we offer affordable and competitive pest control prices, so get in touch for a free quote.

Do you offer bird pest control in South East London?

Yes! We provide a wide range of pest control solutions, including bird control, in South East London.

Do you offer West London pest control services?

Yes! If you are looking for a pest control company in West London, Monitor can help, whichever London pest services you require.

What is the best pest control in London?

Pest control is not a one size fits all solution. Pest control companies in London offer different pest prevention and control solutions to deal with a range of different pests. At Monitor we offer a comprehensive range of affordable and competitive pest prevention and control solutions, for a wide range of sectors.


'Excellent service. Was able to get an appointment within a couple of days of reporting a wasp problem. Very courteous service, would recommend.'

5* Review from Isobel on Trustpilot

'I found Monitor Pest control very efficient very professional….unfortunately I have had to use them a few times and they have always been prompt and very helpful.'

5* Review from Jackie on Trustpilot

'Wonderful company. Took into account my needs due to my son who has disabilities. Such kind and transparent staff! Good service is so hard to come by so it’s an honour to leave positive feedback for such a deserving company.'

5* Review from Rika on Trustpilot

'Excellent service and communication from Monitor in the office and Matt who came out. Matt was always approachable and didn't give up until the problem was resolved. Thank you.'

5* Review from Marion on Trustpilot

'Easy to book a visit, engineer helpful and went to work sorting an action plan. 3 short visits a few weeks later and all was sorted.'

5* Review from Jason on Trustpilot

'Del is absolutely brilliant, takes his time, considers the problem and finds a solution - all combined with patience and excellent customer facing skills.'

5* Review from Joy on Trustpilot

'Very experienced pest control officer. Explained to me about the process and advice for the future. Office contact excellent. We would thoroughly recommend.'

5* Review from Annette on Trustpilot

'Fantastic service from helpful and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend. Got rid of ‘Millie the mouse’ and friends and helped address the underlying issues. Very reasonable price for the service received.'

5* Review from E.P on Trustpilot

'From initial phone call staff are friendly and helpful. The technician Dell explained everything in detail, made a thorough inspection including loft and other upstairs spaces, left bait, outside baited all the spaces under the roof tiles, gutters etc where I had seen the squirrel. He attended several times but the squirrel had stopped taking the bait. The next step was for Matt to install a trap and hopefully this will succeed, excellent service and the company seem determined to eventually solve the problem'

5* Review from Dennis on Trustpilot

'Very professional service and giving great advice. Happy to recommend.'

5* Review from Ron on Trustpilot

'Appointment arranged easily enough after being recommended to Monitor via Council website. Very friendly & helpful operative who distributed pellets safely & gave us good advice as to how rats were gaining access to our property currently under renovation. A second visit to refresh pellet trays and more material outside was achieved without fuss and part of a very reasonable initial cost. Operative had a good look around to identify other areas possible for infestation. Overall a professional, concise & friendly approach by all at Monitor. Many thanks... Recommended'

5* Review from Adrian on Trustpilot

'Rats in the Attic. Appt arranged over the phone with a very lovely lady.
Representative texted me 5mins before arrival as arranged. He wore a mask throughout, listened to what my issue was, put down pellets in attic. Searched thoroughly to determine how they were getting in. Will return twice to renew pellets if required and to ensure they have gone. Excellent service from the Monitor guy! Thankyou'

5* Review from Heather on Trustpilot