Effective Commercial Pest Management Services in Bexleyheath

Monitor Pest Control operates in Bexleyheath and across Kent, offering a comprehensive range of commercial pest solutions to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Through our array of pest management services, Monitor will protect your commercial premises from unwanted pests, and protect your reputation among customers, visitors, the public, and employees alike.

As a professional pest control company serving Bexleyheath, our highly trained and fully qualified professional pest technicians can quickly and safely eradicate pests from your premises. We can also put preventative measures in place to stop them causing further issues.

Professional Pest Prevention and Control Services in Bexleyheath

We offer a full range of complete pest control services to businesses in the Bexleyheath area. Whether you have a rat issue, cockroach infestation, pigeon problems, or need a wasp nest removed in Bexleyheath, Monitor can help!

Pest Control Solutions for Local Authorities and Housing Associations

While we do not offer our services directly to individuals in Bexleyheath, we do provide residential pest control and pest prevention services to householders and residential addresses on behalf of contracts with local and national Housing Associations and Local Authorities. These contracts include Notting Hill Housing Trust, A2Dominion Housing Group and London & Quadrant Housing Association.

Our pest solutions in Bexleyheath include:

Professional Bird Control Services in Bexleyheath

Our specialist bird pest control service is available to any business or organisation in Bexleyheath that requires protection from birds or the effects of birds roosting. Monitor Bird Control is licensed to provide seagull deterrent systems and seagull nest removal services, for certain species of gull.

Pest pigeons, seagulls, starlings, and other birds can create a variety of problems for commercial properties and public health, including slip hazards from unhygienic droppings (guano), blocked gutters, property damage, and attacks on staff and visitors. A pest bird infestation can be of particular concern to old or listed buildings, where the damage caused can be extremely costly, or even irreparable.

As professional bird control experts, Monitor offers a wide range of bird proofing and bird control solutions including pigeon and seagull deterrents such as bird netting and bird spikes.

Our pest bird solutions in Bexleyheath include:

Our Bexleyheath and Kent pest management contract experience includes:
  • Acorn Estate Management
  • Alzheimers and Dementia Support
  • Bexleyheath Golf Club
  • Bickley Manor Hotel
  • Bowden Catering Ltd
  • Dartford Golf Club
  • Dartford Borough Council
  • Dover District Council
  • Edible Oils Ltd
  • Folkestone & Hythe Council 
  • Gravesham Borough Council
  • Halton Food Service PCC
  • Clubb Ltd
  • Kent Brewery Ltd
  • London & Quadrant Housing Trust 
  • Margate Winter Gardens
  • Optivo
I'm looking for pest control near me. Which areas of Bexleyheath do you cover?

We are well placed to provide local pest control in the Bexleyheath area, including:

  • Pest and bird control in Bexleyheath 
  • Pest and bird control in Belvedere
  • Pest and bird control in Blackfen
  • Pest and bird control in Crayford
  • Pest and bird control in East Wickham
  • Pest and bird control in Erith
  • Pest and bird control in Foots Cray
  • Pest and bird control in Welling
  • Pest and bird control in West Heath
  • Pest and bird control in Sidcup
  • Pest and bird control in Slade Green

Operating across Bexleyheath and throughout the rest of Kent and London, Monitor is a member of the British Pest Control Association, giving you peace of mind that we operate to high standards. Monitor has delivered high quality pest management solutions to businesses in the Bexleyheath area and across the South East for more than a quarter of a century.

Whether you require cockroach controlinsect control, bird control or wasp nest removal in Bexleyheath, Monitor offers a quick, safe and lasting solution for your pest issues. 

If you have a pest problem and would like to discuss our pest control services in Bexleyheath, or would like us to carry out a free site audit and provide a no obligation quote, please contact us today on 01474 358855, or complete our contact form.  

Do you offer bird pest control in Bexleyheath?

Yes. If you are looking for Bexleyheath bird control, Monitor provides a wide range of bird deterrents and pest solutions.

Do you offer wasp control in Bexleyheath?

Yes. We provide Bexleyheath wasp control services and wasp removal in Bexleyheath. Our fully trained technicians will treat a wasp infestation and remove wasp nests in Bexleyheath, quickly and efficiently.

Do you offer bed bug control in Bexleyheath?

Yes. We provide effective bed bug treatments in Bexleyheath. Our fully trained technicians will not only treat an infestation but can also educate your staff to identify warning signs to prevent repeat infestations in the long term. We will have your home or business pest free in no time.

Do you offer rodent pest control in Bexleyheath?

Yes. As pest control experts, we provide commercial pest control services for many types of pests, including rats and mice.