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Wasps and Bees


Wasp, Hornet and Bee Control Specialists in Kent

Wasp nests are dangerous to treat and should always be managed by a trained wasp control professional.  At any given time there could be thousands of wasps in a nest, and any attempts to remove or treat it may result in the wasps feeling threatened, increasing the likelihood of being stung as they defend their home. 

At Monitor Pest Control, our trained technicians have over 25 years’ experience in wasp, bee and hornet control and will identify and eliminate wasp nests quickly and efficiently.  We have a 100% success rate, can offer guarantees, and are Local Authority approved. 

If you are located in London, Kent, Surrey or Sussex and have a wasp, bee or hornet problem, give us a call today on 01474 358855.

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Did you know?

  • Wasps make their nest from chewed up wood and saliva.
  • Wasps will aggressively defend their nest and will sting multiple times.
  • Wasps will not use the same nest the following year, although they make a satellite nest very close to the previous nest for the next year.
  • In extreme cases a sting from a wasp can cause a potentially fatal reaction called anaphylactic shock which will make the airway swell and the victim can suffocate.

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