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The silverfish is a cigar-shaped, silver-grey, wingless insect about 12mm long, found in damp areas, commonly in kitchens and bathrooms. Silverfish are nocturnal in habit, but often trapped in baths, basins or chinaware, as cannot climb the smooth surfaces. Silverfish move quickly and have three long bristles at the tail end.

This pest is not easy to spot, but will damage paper, cardboard or fabric materials, leaving small holes and yellowish stains. It feeds on residues of starchy substances, such as glues, wallpaper paste and carbohydrate food debris.

Eggs are laid in cracks and crevices and the nymphs grow by an indefinite number of moults. Silverfish can grow a new leg if they lose one and the adults can live for over three years.

A closely related species is the Firebrat, which is flatter and speckled, without the metallic appearance, and favours hot, dry situations. An infestation can be treated in the same way as its cousin.

113643186 - pest insect silverfish lepisma saccharina isolated on white background
Insect feeding on paper - silverfish. Pest books and newspapers.
Paper swallowed with silverfish. Traces of wrecking silverfish on vinyl envelopes. lepisma


Silverfish can lay eggs at any season of the year and grow from larva to adult in 3-4 months, so it doesn’t take long for one of these pests to turn into an infestation. Correct any persistent dampness and spray harbourages with a household insecticide or insect powder labelled for control of silverfish.

If you do have a room that is particularly damp, the use of a dehumidifier will help avoid creating an environment attractive to Silverfish.

How to get rid of silverfish?

There are a number of things you can do to reduce silverfish activity. The main ones are:

  • Ventilate damp rooms
  • Dehumidify
  • Seal cracks and crevices
  • De-clutter
  • Don’t leave damp material laying around
  • Dust regularly
  • Keep any dry food in sealed containers
  • Use a professional pest control service such as Monitor

For more information on how to get rid of silverfish, please see our How to Get Rid of Silverfish Help Guide.

Do I need to worry about a silverfish infestation?

While silverfish don't cause harm to humans by biting, stinging or carrying disease, in the same way that other pest can can, silverfish can cause damage to property and be an issue for people with certain allergies.


We offer an easy silverfish treatment service, which includes the following process:
1. Contact

Call or email us to discuss your pest problem and we will give you advice or arrange for our local technician to make a visit.

2. Survey

If necessary, we will arrange a survey at a time convenient for you, and provide a quote and pest recommendations.

3. Treatment

The BPCA certified technicians at Monitor Pest Control will visit your premises to treat the pest issue and working together we will resolve the problem.