Flour Moth Treatment

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Moths whose grubs feed on stored food - especially cereals, chocolate, cocoa, dried fruit, nuts and any sort of flour product. The warehouse moth is the most common and most serious food storage pest in the UK.

Moth larvae can cause considerable damage to stored foods and other goods by feeding or by contamination with their own products, e.g. webbing and frass.

Indianmeal moth also called flour moth is an insect that infests cereal flours and pasta or dried fruit
Indian Meal Moth of the species Plodia interpunctella
Indian meal moth pest, Plodia interpunctella on white wall


It is important in order to avoid conditions suitable for the development of moth infestations.  In order to obtain the best results, insecticidal control measures should be integrated with good hygiene.  Preferably use a trained pest control professional, with experience of stored product pests.


We offer an easy flour moth treatment service, which includes the following process:
1. Contact

Call or email us to discuss your pest problem and we will give you advice or arrange for our local technician to make a visit.

2. Survey

If necessary, we will arrange a survey at a time convenient for you, and provide a quote and pest recommendations.

3. Treatment

The BPCA certified technicians at Monitor Pest Control will visit your premises to treat the pest problem. We’ll make as many visits as required to ensure your problem is resolved.