Specialist CCTV Drain Surveying For Commercial & Residential Properties in Kent

If you have a problem with rats in your home or business property, it is essential to determine how they are gaining access to your property. More often than not, rat infestations are caused by defective drainage systems, that allow rats to gain access to cavity walls from drains. Once rats have access to cavity walls, they can easily move around the property and find their way into loft and attic spaces.

At Monitor Pest Control, our highly experienced drain surveying technicians, will use specialist CCTV equipment, to carry out a detailed inspection of your drains, identify rat entry points and any defective pipework and redundant junctions that may be allowing rats to gain entry. This will then enable us to recommend the most appropriate solution to eliminate the issues found.

Monitor Pest Control Rat Drain Surveys
Why do rats enter homes?

Rats coming from the sewer and entering homes, are looking for food and shelter. 

How do sewer rats get into your house?

If you have sewer rats in your house in the UK, the chances are they have gained access to your home via defects in the drainage system adjacent to your property. 

Can rats climb inside drain pipes?

Yes! Rats in drain pipes can climb inside them and this is one way that they gain access to buildings. 

How can you get rid of a sewer rat infestation in the UK?

If you are looking for help solving a rat problem stemming from your drainage system, the first step is to get a professional drain survey carried out to establish how the drain rats are gaining access.

Who is responsible for rats in drains in the UK?

Property owners are usually responsible for the drains that serve their property, up to the boundary of your property or to the point where it joins with pipework from another property. Pipework beyond this point that is part of the public sewer network, will be the responsibility of the relevant water authority. This means that you will probably be responsible for the necessary repairs if rats are escaping from a drain attached to your property.

Can sewer rats come up toilets?

Unfortunately, yes! Rats can climb up drain pipes and are able to squeeze themselves into narrow pipework and even around U-bends, gaining access to your property via the toilet bowl. They are also excellent swimmers.

How can you get rid of rats in your drains?

If you have rats in your drains, the first step is to get a professional CCTV drain survey carried out to establish how they are gaining access. The survey report will then give recommendations on how to remedy the situation.


We offer an easy rat detection, CCTV drain survey service, which includes the following process:
1. Contact

Call or email us to discuss your rat problem and we will arrange for our local drain survey specialist to make a visit.

2. Survey

We will carry out a CCTV rat survey at a time convenient for you.

3. Report

We will provide you with a report detailing our findings and our recommendations for work that needs to be carried out.

Do You Offer Rat Drain Surveys Near Me in Kent?

From our head office in Northfleet, Kent, we are well placed to provide our CCTV drain survey services throughout the Kent area, including:

  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Maidstone
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Tunbridge Wells
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Gravesend
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Dartford
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Canterbury
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Ashford
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Sevenoaks
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Sittingbourne
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Dover
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Gillingham
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Folkstone
  • CCTV drain surveys for rats in Tonbridge

Monitor Pest Control are members of the BPCA and we have been providing a comprehensive range of rat control services throughout Kent, London and the South East for more than a quarter of a century.