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General Insects

Monitor has more than 25 years of experience identifying, eliminating and protecting buildings from pests and insect infestation. Our team of qualified Pest Control Technicians operate throughout Kent, London and the South East and will choose the most suitable treatment to keep your property or business free from insects, including wasps, bees, fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish and more.

For businesses, insect infestations pose a serious health and safety risk to both staff and customers and if left untreated, can result in product contamination, damage to property and stock, loss of earnings, and in severe cases, fines, prosecution and closure.  We understand the urgency of dealing with insect infestations and will implement a pest management strategy that will eliminate the problem and stop it from re-occurring, keeping your facility open and in operation, with minimal disruption.

If you’re a home owner, a pest infestation of any kind can be very distressing. Our highly skilled technicians are experienced in a wide range of common household insects and will identify and eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently, keeping your home and family free from pests.

If your business or home is suffering from an insect infestation contact us today.