Rabbit Pest Control

Rabbit Control Services for Businesses & Organisations in Kent and the South East

Rabbits can be important in maintaining plant diversity in a range of habitats, but they can also cause lots of damage to plants, lawns, trees and crops.

All occupiers have statutory obligations regarding wild rabbits that may be living on their land. An Order under Section One of the Pests Act 1954 declares England and Wales (except for the City of London, the Isles of Scilly and Skokholm Island) a Rabbit Clearance Area. In this area, every occupier of land is responsible for controlling wild rabbits on his/her land or for taking steps to prevent them causing damage. This is a continuing obligation.

nibbled tree trunk with hares in the spring garden
City of animals. Fokskholds colony on slopes of mountain hills. Colony of wild animals. System of underground passages and holes. Traces of animals in wild. Groundhog burrow


Rabbit populations can withstand high mortality from natural causes, and complete eradication is impractical. So generally the aim is to reduce rabbit numbers to levels at which damage is economically acceptable, rather than completely eliminating them.

Various methods are available for the pest control of rabbits in gardens and privately owned green spaces. These include, gassing, shooting, live trapping, rabbit proof fencing, scaring and repellants. Sometimes more than one of these methods may need to be used together in order to improve the effectiveness of control.

Initially a survey will be required to determine the most appropriate and cost effective programme for control, to get rid of rabbits, deter rabbits and prevent rabbits from damaging your land.


We offer an easy rabbit control service, which includes the following process:
1. Contact

Call or email us to discuss your pest problem and we will give you advice or arrange for our local technician to make a visit.

2. Survey

If necessary, we will arrange a survey at a time convenient for you, and provide a quote and pest recommendations.

3. Treatment

The BPCA certified technicians at Monitor Pest Control will visit your premises to treat the pest issue and working together we will resolve the problem.