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The Importance of a Woodworm Survey When Buying or Selling a House in Kent

When you are buying, or indeed selling a house, the importance of having a woodworm survey is becoming increasingly important. Due to the potential infrastructural damage caused by the insects, any sign of historical or current woodworm infestation can affect the market value of a home.

Older properties with exposed timber and other wooden structures, such as wooden beams, wood flooring, wooden joists, or wooden windowsills, are especially at risk of woodworm. With these wood boring beetles compromising anything wooden within the home, it is important to undertake a full woodworm survey if a potential infestation is found.

Do home surveyors pick up on signs of woodworm?

In recent years, surveyors have increasingly inspected homes for any sign of woodworm infestations. If signs of woodworm are found, the surveyor will then recommend a full woodworm survey, like those completed by Monitor Pest Control.

Why would a home require a full woodworm survey?

A home will require a full woodworm survey if signs of an active woodworm infestation or indications of historical woodworm infestations have been found. As there are approximately 11 species of woodworm in the UK, it is important that the correct beetle is identified so the correct treatment is carried out.

Pest control experts such as Monitor Pest Control provide full woodworm surveys to homes throughout Kent to successfully identify and treat infestations, to eradicate woodworm from homes.

How serious is a woodworm infestation at a home?

An untreated woodworm infestation can become a serious issue for homeowners. Timbers infested with woodworm can be seriously weakened, causing severe damage within its structure. As the timber continues to weaken, the structural integrity of the house is compromised, which could result in large repair bills or serious injury.

How do I know if a home has woodworm?

It can be very difficult for untrained professionals to tell if a home has woodworm now, or has had woodworm in the past, as these little beetles tend to burrow in places out of sight and difficult to reach, such as roof spaces and under floors.

That said, if timber structures within the house are visible, there are some key signs to look for when assessing for presence of woodworm.

The 5 main signs of woodworm include:

  • Small exit holes in timber
  • Bore dust around the hole which will look like sawdust
  • Damaged wood such as weak floorboards
  • Dead beetles – which signals a past infestation
  • Beetles that are alive – hinting at a live infestation

Should I have a woodworm survey carried out on my home before selling?

If you are planning to sell your property and suspect that it may have a woodworm problem, we strongly recommend that you have a professional woodworm survey carried out before going to market.

A woodworm infestation is likely to get picked up on any home survey, which could then be used as leverage to negotiate the price of your property or see the potential buyer walk away altogether.

What benefits does a woodworm survey have when selling my home?

Having a full woodworm survey carried out on your home before placing it up for sale will allow the nature and extent of the woodworm problem to be determined. This will provide the potential buyer with the correct recommendations for treatment, repairs and the provisional cost involved.

Monitor has over 30 years’ experience in providing woodworm surveys and woodworm treatments to homes throughout Kent. Our woodworm technicians carry out full woodworm surveys and provide quick, effective treatment (if required) with a 100% money back guarantee.

To book a woodworm survey for your home in Kent, contact our friendly team via our online woodworm enquiry form today.

Should I have a woodworm survey carried out on a home I want to buy?

When looking to buy a home it is highly recommended that you have a survey completed on the property before putting in an offer. A home survey will highlight any potential red flags with the property, including signs of woodworm.

If the surveyor identifies a potential woodworm problem, they will strongly recommend that a woodworm survey is undertaken on the property before purchasing.

Having a woodworm survey carried out on the property you wish to buy will identify the extent of any woodworm infestation, the treatment required and the cost to irradicate the problem, allowing you to make the right, informed decision.

If you are looking to buy a residential property in Kent and require a woodworm survey, contact our expert woodworm technicians today by completing our online woodworm enquiry form today.

How Monitor can help you

As members of the British Pest Control Association, we work to the industry’s strict codes of practice, and offer a 10 year Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) backed guarantee. If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Kent and require a full woodworm survey, contact our friendly team today via our contact form or alternatively calling us on: 01474 358 855.