With the coronavirus pandemic causing many industries to grind to a halt, empty restaurants, bars, and offices have become a common sight across UK high streets. Businesses which have been forced to temporarily close during the lockdown may find themselves afflicted with some form of pest infestation when the time comes to reopen, as an empty building can attract pests. A trusted partner to businesses and Local Authorities throughout Kent, London and the South East, Monitor Pest Control provides proactive pest elimination and pest management services which can tackle these issues, and get your business back up and running again quickly and safely.

Who could be affected?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to many estates and facilities staff being furloughed, resulting in premises such as offices, local council buildings, restaurants, and social housing not being subject to the usual regular, rigorous checks.

Housing Associations

Neglected pest problems in buildings with high resident density (such as Housing Association properties) can quickly lead to infestation which, when left untreated, are typically more difficult to eradicate.

During lockdown, families who usually spend most of the day apart at work or elsewhere for leisure are at home 24/7, increasing the likelihood of pests due to an increase in dropped food waste, more contact time with blood-sucking insects, and more waste in bins.

Monitor Pest Control works closely with housing associations throughout London, Kent, Surrey and East Sussex to help eradicate pest infestations as well as implementing pest prevention measures to stop the problem from recurring. Our expert technicians are highly experienced and offer professional cockroach[GH2]  removal, bed bug and flea extermination and rodent control alongside a range of other pest control and prevention services. To get a quote, call Monitor today on 01474 358855 or email info@monitorpestcontrol.co.uk.

Restaurants and Bars

Similarly, empty restaurants and bars without regular cleaning staff are hotspots for pests such as rats and stored product insects, as food waste, damp conditions and food storage encourage pest activity.

Widespread pest infestation in your restaurant premises will cause serious health and safety problems upon reopening, and could damage your relationship with your customers, as well as lead to the involvement of Environmental Health Services. Monitor’s pest control service for restaurants, takeaways and caterers ensures the effective removal of pests and implements reliable pest prevention measures to ensure that your premises remains pest-free. For an survey and quote of your building prior to reopening, call Monitor today on 01474 358855 or email info@monitorpestcontrol.co.uk.


Empty buildings in locations such as industrial estates or urban cities are likely to attract pests if neglected. Premises such as offices contain many hiding places for pests, including desks, filing cabinets, kitchen facilities and bathrooms. During the coronavirus outbreak, your empty office could be attracting pests, with rats causing wiring issues, fire hazards and unpleasant odours, and wasps taking up residence. 

Monitor Pest Control is highly experienced in pest removal and prevention for office buildings, and can provide your building with comprehensive, effective and discreet pest control solutions which will treat infestations and prevent recurrence. For a free, no obligation quote, call Monitor today on 01474 358855 or email info@monitorpestcontrol.co.uk.

Hotels and B&Bs

The full relaxation of UK lockdown regulations is expected to result in an enormous influx of bookings for the hospitality industry, including hotels and B&Bs. During the lockdown period, empty hotels risk becoming a new home for pests such as rodents and insects, especially as the recent sustained period of warm weather has increased the likelihood of breeding. Any food sources such as waste bins and industrial kitchens will attract flies, cockroaches and rodents.

If your hotel or B&B is hoping to reopen after lockdown, you will want to avoid expensive downtime for maintenance.  As such, now is the perfect time to treat any pest problems, prevent recurrence and maintain a comprehensive pest management plan with Monitor Pest Control. Get in touch now by calling 01474 358855 or emailing info@monitorpestcontrol.co.uk.

About Monitor Pest Control

Monitor Pest Control, based in Kent, is a member of the BPCA. We have provided pest control services to businesses in London, Kent and the South East for over 25 years, and are highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of common pests.

If you’re looking for a local pest control company in Kent that regularly operates in London and the surrounding areas, then please get in touch. We’d be happy to provide a free site visit and quotation to manage your pest problem and provide ongoing support to protect your business from pests in the future. To contact us, please use the contact form or call 01474 358855.