Pigeons, seagulls, and other birds do more than just damage your premises. They can also become a health and safety hazard, spreading disease-causing bacteria like E. Coli and Salmonella through their guano (bird mess). What’s more, there is a risk of secondary pest infestations from birds, leading to  issues with other bugs.

A growing number of companies are offering bird control services in the UK. Finding the right one can be a challenge in itself.

Ideally, look for bird control specialists that have experience working on commercial properties, like the team at Monitor Pest Control. An experienced provider should cause minimum disruption to your business premises and resolve the problem quickly.

Birds carry a wide range of diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans. The longer you wait to remove them, the higher the risk to you, your staff, and site visitors. Here’s what you should look for in a bird pest control company for your business.

Ask Other Business Owners for References

Depending on your location, consider asking other business owners for references. If, for example, you own a restaurant on a busy street, you may find that other businesses are facing the same issues. Perhaps some have managed to eliminate the problem through working with a reputable bird control company.  If so, they may be able to advise you on the best bird control company to call.

Birds are a threat for most commercial buildings. They may block guttering, dislodge roof tiles, and attack customers, especially during the breeding season. Their droppings (guano) can become slippery underfoot, causing slip hazards and leading to accidents.[GH1]  Dust and bacteria from guano and nesting material near windows and ventilation intakes can also lead to respiratory problems.

Whether you own an office building or a clothing store, you may need bird control at some point — and so do most business owners. Reach out to those located on the same street or in the same area as you. Ask what services they used and what their experience was like.

Once you have a list of contacts, go online and do some research. Look up each bird control company on your list. Check out their websites and social media pages, read customer reviews, and ask for free quotes.

Is the Company Licensed and Insured?

Bird control is strictly regulated in the UK, and bird control companies are legally required to comply with legislation including the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981).

Look for service providers who have evidence of certificated training and competence at the very least. Hire a company that is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) or another reputable organisation.

Make sure they carry sufficient insurance, so that any damage to your property incurred during the course of their work may be fully compensated.

Bird Control Methods Used

Pest control methods vary from one company to the next. Some rely on physical and visual deterrents or audible devices, whereas others utilise trained birds of prey (hawking).

Discuss the various options with the bird control companies that you are considering to ensure that their recommendations are both appropriate and sufficient to manage the issue at hand.  While bird netting may work well for shelters, bridges, canopies and signage, a bird point system (spikes) work better on ledges, sills, chimneys and gutters.  Hawking is typically used as a deterrent to convince seagulls or pigeons not to nest or feed in the area, leading them to find a safer place to nest elsewhere. 

Check Their Experience and Previous Work

It takes some time to gain experience in bird control. Once you have a list of potential bird control partners, enquire about their experience and previous work. Try to find out how they train new employees and who their clients are.

Ask about Safety Measures

Generally, bird control involves the use of visual or physical deterrents, active barriers, audible devices, and birds of prey. These methods are generally safe for humans and birds.  However, it is worthwhile asking about any potential risks to your team or visitors to your premises and enquiring as to the safety measures they will take to minimise these risks. 

Compare the Price and Quality

The cost of bird control varies from one company to the next and depends largely on their experience and the pest control methods used.  The method of high level access is a big cost factor and location matters too.

Get multiple quotes — at least three — from different service providers before you make a decision. Compare on a like-for-like basis.

Many bird pest control companies (such as Monitor Pest Control) offer high-quality services at affordable rates; you just need to know where to find them. Typically, we would advise not to accept the highest or the lowest price.

If left uncontrolled, birds can cause serious damage to your business premises. Think about the cost of roof repair, product contamination or the potential cost in litigation if an employee or customer were to slip on guano whilst entering/leaving your premises!  Not only is there a financial cost, but potentially a reputational one too.

Bird control services are an investment in your business. They not only help maintain the building but can also protect your reputation, reduce your facilities management costs, and prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria. Quick, Effective Bird Control for Your Business

As you can see, choosing a reputable bird pest control company is relatively straightforward, as long as you bear in mind their experience, location, method and accreditations

Our team at Monitor Bird Control offers quick, effective solutions to prevent birds from damaging your business or building. Our bird control service is offered to businesses and public sector organisations throughout London, Kent, and the South East, and we are members of the British Pest Control Association — contact us to see how we can help!

We also provide general pest control services for businesses across most industries. Our team is one phone call away, so reach out to us today to get a free quote.