Monitor’s Operations Director and BPCA President Paul Rodman, was recently invited to review developments in the pest control industry in 2016.  The resulting opinion piece (which you can view here) discussed many of the initiatives launched and supported by our professional body throughout the year, including:

  • The introduction of British Standard EN16636 for the auditing of BPCA members, which promises to offer potential clients reassurance of a BPCA member’s professionalism
  • An increased profile for the BPCA both nationally and internationally
  • The success of Regional Forums and Roadshow Events nationwide
  • The expansion of the BPCA award-winning training programme
  • An increase in membership numbers, plus high retention among existing members
  • Plans for the BPCA and pest control industry in 2017, including the BPCA’s 75th Anniversary Celebrations in March.

Much to look forward to in the months ahead!  Needless to say, it’s great to have Paul right at the heart of our industry’s professional body, helping to shape the agenda for all pest controllers nationwide in 2017.