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Pest Control for Care Homes

Pest Control for Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Rest Homes

Residential nursing and care homes house some of the most vulnerable people in our community, so ensuring that these buildings remain free from pests like fleas, cockroaches and rodents is absolutely essential.

Care homes are at higher risk of pest infestation than many other types of buildings for a number of reasons and what’s more, any infestation is likely to have more severe consequences. These reasons include:

  • Large quantities of food being stored and prepared throughout the day can attract rodents, ants, wasps and stored product insects;
  • Care homes generate large quantities of not only food waste, but also medical waste containing bodily fluids and faecal matter, which can attract a number of different unwanted pest species;
  • As care home residents are often bed ridden and have delicate skin, an outbreak of bed bugs could be catastrophic;
  • As carers go from room to room having contact with multiple residents each day, the risk of bed bugs spreading through cross contamination is high;
  • Pests can carry harmful bacteria, and as the majority of care home residents have health problems, they are likely to have weaker immune systems, so the presence of pests can be a major health hazard and pose significant health risks;
  • If a care home was to suffer a dangerous pest infestation due to not having adequate pest control measures in place, the likelihood is that it would impact the home's CQC rating and could even find itself in special measures;
  • Hiring a professional pest control company such as Monitor, with DBS checked technicians, is the best way to ensure that your care or residential nursing home remains pest free, your residents and staff are kept safe and the CQC remain happy!

Our team of highly experienced pest control technicians and operatives have a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service and a flexible approach to all pest control issues, particularly relating to care homes and residential establishments. We will survey the home and identify any problems before recommending an environmentally sensitive remedy to deal with any concerns. We will also advise on best working practices and procedures to prevent infestation recurrence and can educate staff members on things to look out for (such as early signs of infestation) to minimise risk.

Our Residential Care & Nursing Home pest control contracts experience includes:

  • Heritage Care
  • Anchorstone Nursing Home
  • St Judes Nursing Home
  • Capel Grange Residential Home
  • Walsingham Residential Home

For more information on our pest control services, please download our Pest Control Brochure, or contact us today.