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"Monitor Pest Control Ltd has been delivering excellent pest control services for Ring Containers for over 17 years."

Juliana Ogunjemilua

Ring Containers Ltd 

Office & Industrial

Offices and industrial facilities present a number of opportunities for pest infestation - from kitchen areas to store rooms and basements. By eliminating pest and insect problems effectively, efficiently and safely, we can stop pests from damaging your building, electrical equipment and cables, and prevent unnecessary distress to staff and visitors.

As experts in pest control in offices and industrial buildings, we investigate the problem and its causes, eliminate the pests and protect your premises from further infestation. With a pest control and prevention service, we protect your facilities from:

  • health and safety risks
  • damage to the building itself
  • costly and inconvenient repairs
  • endangering your staff and visitors.

Our team of pest control experts have unrivalled expertise and practical experience in the identification and elimination of a variety of pests, inlcuding birds and rodents, and will provide an on-going protection strategy for your offices and industrial premises. We offer effective and high quality treatments to solve your pest problems quickly and permanently.

Our general Office & Industrial pest control contracts experience includes:

RSPCA Ring Containers
British Mediacal Association Royal College of Surgeons
Theatre Royal Margate National Autistic Society
The Old Deer Park Partnership (London Welsh RFC) Caxtons Commercial
Smurfit Yorke Property Management
Comma Oil Dartford Golf Club