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BRC Accredited Businesses

Pest Control and Prevention for BRC Accredited Businesses 

We offer pest control and prevention services to a number of organisations with BRC accreditation, and have a thorough understanding of the rigorous audit processes and high standards of safety and hygiene that are required to maintain certification.  From food processing, all the way through the supply chain to storage and distribution, we have extensive experience in the implementation of pest management and pest prevention best practice, and assisting our clients with BRC and customer auditing standards.

Without a pest control and prevention programme in place, your food manufacturing, storage, packaging or distribution facilities are at serious risk of:

  • Contamination of food and packaging
  • Damage to stock
  • Destruction of stock
  • Distress to employees
  • Damage to electrical equipment
  • Damage to reputation

With a clear focus on pest prevention, our team of highly skilled pest control technicians will deal with any pest control issues and advise on working practices and procedures to reduce the risk of rodents, stored product insects and other pests getting into your premises and contaminating, infesting or damaging stock.