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Monitor - our Mascot Lizard

The use of the Monitor Lizard provides a recognisable, visual reference for our brand, one that is different from any other.

The choice of the king of all Monitor Lizards – the dangerous ‘Komodo Dragon’ reminds us of more of our company values:

  • We are efficient predators
  • We value safety

The Monitor Lizard, not being a target pest species (and in most cases protected), reminds us of another company value:

  • We respect the environment

We have tried to make our Monitor Lizard logo look friendlier and less scary, this is to symbolise the following company values:

  • We aim to make a Positive Difference in People’s Lives
  • We offer service with a smile
  • We treat Customers & Colleagues how we expect to be treated

The occasional habit of this species of lizard to stand on their two hind legs and to appear to "monitor" their surroundings has been suggested to have led to this name. Ancient Egyptians call them “Monitors”, since they warned people of the presence of Crocodiles. Its common name is derived from the Latin word ‘monere’ meaning "to warn".

  • Monitor Lizards are awesome predators of rodents and insects – so are we
  • The largest Monitor Lizard, the Komodo Dragon also uses poison to kill its prey – in some cases, so do we
  • Monitor Lizards employ pheromones and a keen sense of smell – so do we