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Our History

Monitor Pest Control, based in Dartford, Kent, was founded in 1987 by Directors Gary Howard and Paul Rodman. Coming from a background in Environmental Health, Hygiene and Pest Control, the directors have many years of experience in the industry. The company has always prided itself on outstanding customer care and a quality service, fully compliant with required legislation.

Monitor Pest Control has been providing a range of pest control and pest management services to businesses in Kent, London and the South East for over 25 years. Priding itself on service and guaranteed satisfaction, it has built an excellent reputation across a wide spectrum of clients.

With our three key principles - Investigate, Eliminate, Protect - we have developed a pest control service that sets the standard in the sectors in which we operate. Now, with a turnover of over £700k, Monitor performs within the top 25% of the industry, has an impressive client list and employs dedicated and experienced staff.

The origin of ‘Monitor’ in our company name relates to the ‘Monitoring’ of our contract customers’ premises.

The dictionary definition of Monitor includes; Verb - Observe and check the progress or quality of something; keep under systematic review. Noun - one that warns, supervises or instructs. Origin - from the Latin, monére, to warn. This is exactly what we do for our contract customers – inspect, detect, advise, and then we implement the treatment and elimination of pests. We then continue to monitor to prevent further occurrences.

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