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Mission and Ethos

As a company, Monitor Pest Control is extremely passionate about customer care and the delivery of a quality service. Our teams of skilled consultants are highly professional and we strive to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. To achieve this, we have adopted the working slogan - Investigate, Eliminate, Protect.

Investigate - We believe in thorough inspections, audits and focusing on the intricate details in our service. Our professional technicians specify the correct treatment and prevention measures to protect our customers' businesses, facilities and homes.

Eliminate - We are efficient predators. After 'monitoring' our client's premises where we inspect, detect and advise, we implement the treatment and elimination of pests to ensure their property remains pest free.

Protect - We have a strong and clear focus on delivering lasting results. We exist to protect people and businesses, bringing relief and comfort and make a positive difference to their lives. And we do all this while protecting the environment too.

We focus on not only eliminating pest problems for our clients, but also on protecting them. We do this by advising and assisting with pest prevention actions. By employing these principles and beliefs throughout our working practices, we aspire to exceed our clients' needs and expectations in the successful delivery of a professional and high quality pest control and management service.

Our ‘WHY’ (why do we do what we do?)

  • We exist to protect people and business from pests.
  • We want to bring relief and comfort to people and businesses under threat from pest problems.
  • We want to bring heroic service to make a positive difference in people’s lives

Our People Values

  • We aim to make a Positive Difference in People’s Lives
  • We treat Customers & Colleagues how we expect to be treated
  • We offer service with a smile
  • We recognise & reward Outstanding Performance
  • We work as a Team
  • We try our Absolute Best
  • We honour our Responsibilities & Commitments

Our Technical Values

  • We Focus on Results
  • We aim for Continuous Improvement
  • We are professional technicians
  • We are efficient predators
  • We respect the environment
  • We value safety