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Pest Control in Guildford

Do you have a pest problem and want to use a professional company to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue? Then Monitor Pest Control has the answer. We offer a pest control service that’s cost effective and reliable, with unique techniques to tackle any problem you’re experiencing. We work in both domestic and commercial properties, complying with all manner of health and safety regulations.

Plus, our expert team work in a number of locations in the South East of England.

Our pest control in Guildford covers:

  • Public Sector
  • Food & Catering
  • Schools
  • Residential Care
  • Construction & Housing

Therefore, if you’re looking to benefit from a knowledgeable and experienced pest control company, choose Monitor Pest Control. Not only will we eliminate the pests causing you bother, but provide a treatment that ensures the issue doesn’t arise again in the future.

Just some of the pest control we specialise in is listed below.

Rodents: Mice and rats are common where there’s a food source for them to live off. As they breed in high numbers, a problem can quickly escalate if not dealt with at an early stage. 

Cockroaches: Again, cockroaches love your leftover food and if there are any scraps on the floor, you’re asking for problems. For that reason, cockroaches are often found in food and catering businesses. 

Bedbugs: Whilst they can be a domestic concern, bedbugs are more common in hotels, bed and breakfast lodges and hostels, due to a high turnover of occupants. 

Wasps & Hornets: Wasps and hornets can be dangerous when threatened and typically pose a problem in the late summer months when looking for food. They will build nests in trees, lofts or roof rafters and should be professionally dealt with.

Ants: Black ants are another pest attracted to food and will come into your property in search of this. 

Birds: Seagulls in particular can be harmful and often pose a risk when nesting on rooftops. We offer a solution to rid your home of nuisance birds, including seagulls and pigeons.

Cost of pest control in Guildford

Our pest control solutions vary depending on your individual problem. However, we provide some of the basic prices to our pest resolution below:

  • Rodents from £30 per visit
  • Cockroaches from £30 per visit
  • Bedbugs from £45 per visit
  • Fleas form £55 per visit
  • Wasps from £45 per visit
  • Ants from £60 per visit
  • Textile Pests from £60 per visit
  • Stored product insects from £60 per visit
  • Bird control from £45 (advice)/£150 (treatment) per visit
  • Wildlife; Squirrels, Moles, Foxes from £45 per visit

Monitor Pest Control also offer a guarantee whereby we’ll return free of charge if your problem reoccurs within one month. There are some terms and conditions to this rule though, so check these out. 

For more information on our pest control in Guildford, or any of the other areas with cover, get in touch with the team today. You can call now on 01474 358 855 or email at [email protected].