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Pest problems can present themselves in all shapes and sizes, from rodents and cockroaches, to wasps, hornets and birds. Whatever your pest issue, you can be sure Pest Control Monitoring have the perfect solution to eliminate the problem altogether. 

Our Tonbridge pest control team has over 25 years of experience in the industry, serving clients throughout Kent. As such, we’ve encountered a range of pest issues from small to large scale. For this reason, we have developed excellent control methods to eliminate pests and prevent a reoccurrence. All standards comply with national health and safety and legislation regulations. 

Our Tonbridge pest control experts have been called to a number of situations over the years and just some of the sectors we work in include:

•    Public 
•    Food & Catering
•    Education
•    Residential Care
•    Construction & Housing. 

Any pest problem can cause a number of health hazards in your domestic or commercial environment. As such, it’s important to have the issue dealt with before it worsens. 

Just some of the pests we encounter daily include:

Rats & Mice: Rodents are common pests in all environments, presenting a number of health risks. Action should be taken as soon as a problem is identified.  

Cockroaches: Cockroaches are attracted to all food types and will often emerge only at night, hiding away in cracks and crevices during the day. 

Wasps & Hornets: Wasps and hornets are often a seasonal problem and will breed rapidly from late summer. With nests close by, these pests can present a danger to people. 

Ants: Although ants don’t carry diseases, you don’t know where they have been outside and will often be attracted to your food cupboards. As such, they can be a real nuisance in homes and workplaces. 

Birds: Many people won’t regard birds as a pest, but they cause damage to buildings due to nesting and also cause health risks. Pigeons and seagulls in particularly can be of nuisance.

Textile Pests: Textile pests include moths and beetles that’ll feed on keratin. This substance is often found in clothing such as wool, silk, leather and feathers. 

Our prices:

We are unable to give a definitive price for your pest control requirements, as it’ll largely depend on the circumstances. As such, it’s often best to contact us directly and provide more details of your problem, so we can accurately offer a quotation. 

However, as a general guide, our pest control in Tonbridge starts at:

•    £30 per visit for rodents
•    £30 per visit for cockroaches
•    £45 per visit for bedbugs
•    £55 per visit for fleas
•    £45 per visit for wasps
•    £60 per visit for ants
•    £60 per visit for textile pests
•    £60 per visit for stored product insects
•    £45 (bird control advice)/£150 (treatment) per visit
•    £45 per visit for wildlife

Our 100%, ironclad, double Guarantee*: 

Our pest control techniques have been refined over the years to ensure we continue improving and provide the best service possible to every customer. As such, we are confident in our measures and offer a free second visit if a pest problem reoccurs within a month. 

*Restrictions apply in certain circumstances. Please see full guarantee on our guarantee page.

For a free and no obligation quote, just contact us today and let us know about your pest problem. We’re available on 01474 358 855 or you can email at [email protected] 

You can also complete our form on the right-hand-side and a member of our Tonbridge team will get back to you within 24 hours.