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If you’re looking for a pest control agency with a proven pedigree for getting the job done, Monitor are without doubt a brand you can trust. We’ve worked in the industry for 25 years and have forged a strong understanding of how to deal with vermin and bugs in that time.

We make sure we only use products which have been licensed and legalised by the government – with our primary aim to prevent any sort of harmful substances causing real damage to our clients, immediately or in the future.

It’s also a primary aim to ensure these aren’t just temporary solutions, but rather fixes which’ll see the problem dealt with and prevented from striking again in the future. No job is half-done with the Monitor team.

Common pest problems for businesses in Sutton:

On that note, we’ve also made it a principle that we don’t merely tackle one type of pest control, but instead focus our full attention across the board. As such, there are a whole range of different critters we target.

Rats & Mice: While some people will cite these vermin as loveable household pets, the reality is rats and mice are doing your environment a lot more bad than good. Not only does their foraging play havoc with water supplies, but they also freely spread disease. A pest that needs removing? Definitely.

Cockroaches: Nobody (well, very few people) think cockroaches are ‘cute’ – which is why they’re a lot more swiftly dealt with. That’s a good thing, because, with their rate of reproduction and ability to stand the test of time, a prompt execution is the best course of action.

Birds e.g. Pigeons, Seagulls etc.: These feathered fiends might not seem like pests in their own right, but the reality is birds can actually be just as much of a nuisance as any of the others on the list. Their droppings can spread disease via dust particles which people accidentally ingest.

Bedbugs: These blood-sucking pests will most likely be found in places where multi-occupancy is common. That generally means the likes of hotels – or any place where several people will be sharing the same sleeping space in close quarters.

Fleas: Bedbugs’ larger cousins are just as much of a problem for businesses – with these creatures not only set to cause problems for people who own pets. 95% of their larvae and pupae are said to exist outside in the natural environment, meaning they can be carried around regardless of whether an animal is in the vicinity or not.

Textile pests: Some pests are a little different to others. Textile creatures – such as Carpet Beetles or Clothes Moths – feed off of fabric and as such pose more of a problem for any industries which focus on the storage or production of cloth substances.

Stored product insects e.g. various beetles, weevils, mites and moths: These types of pests are most likely to attack foods – making them a primary concern for companies such as supermarkets. Any business which sees the regular storage of food products can fall prey to them, however.

Our prices:

Our prices are dependent on the individual situation and whether it is a single treatment, series of treatments or contract basis, so it is best to contact us for a quotation. However, as a guide for the Sutton area our prices start from: 

  • Rodents from £30 per visit
  • Cockroaches from £30 per visit
  • Bedbugs from £45 per visit
  • Fleas form £55 per visit
  • Wasps from £45 per visit
  • Ants from £60 per visit
  • Textile Pests from £60 per visit
  • Stored product insects from £60 per visit
  • Bird control from £45 (advice)/£150 (treatment) per visit
  • Wildlife; Squirrels, Moles, Foxes from £45 per visit

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Our 100%, ironclad, double Guarantee*: 

For Residential customers - we guarantee that if the same pest problem returns within a month after eradication, we will retreat it FREE OF CHARGE. In the unlikely event that it cannot be resolved, we will give your MONEY BACK.

For Commercial Contract Customers - We will treat any pest infestation covered by your service agreement, that arises within your premises. If the infestation returns within one month after eradication, we will treat the infestation again FREE OF CHARGE until it is eradicated. In the unlikely event that it cannot be resolved, we will give your MONEY BACK.

*Restrictions apply in certain circumstances. Please see full guarantee on our guarantee page.

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