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Monitor Pest Control is the perfect solution for eliminating any pest problems you may have either domestically or commercially. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and provide a high quality service to each and every customer. Our efficient pest control in Ilford will have your problem sorted in no time at all. 

We use a number of high performing methods for tackling your pest control, dependent on various factors regarding the situation. We know all pest control issues are different and as such, there’ll be an appropriate measure for dealing with each in turn. 

At Monitor Pest Control we operate to all legislation and best practice to effectively remove the contamination and ensure your domestic or commercial property is able to fully function once again.

We have worked with customers across Ilford to tackle pest control problems in a range of environments, including: 

•    The Public Sector
•    Food & Catering
•    Construction & Housing.

Whatever your pest control issue, you can be sure Monitor Pest Control has the best methods and long term solutions to help you get back up and running. 

Pest problems facing businesses in Ilford

Over the 25 years of experience in the pest control industry we have come face to face with a large number of issues. As such, our techniques and strategies to deal with a range of pest contamination has been improved and refined over the years. We are now the first port of call for pest control in Ilford. 

Just some of the many pests we tackle include: 

Rats & Mice: Rodents are by far the greatest contamination threat facing businesses, especially those in the food industry. We’re always seeing fresh cases of contamination and have superb practices in place to eliminate the problem. 

Cockroaches: Cockroaches are particularly unpleasant and would immediately put off your customers. They’re found on housing estates, food premises, in hotels and even industrial buildings. 

Fleas: Fleas can cause a significant problem by contaminating furnishings and multiplying quickly to leave you with a serious issue. Monitor Pest Control is well versed at eliminating fleas from properties. 

Ants: Ants will invade your home and over the summer months a rare sighting could turn into a full-scale problem without the right control procedures. 

Prices for Pest Control in Ilford 

The prices below are intended as a rough guide and we’ll be able to offer a personalised quotation for eliminating pests in your property by giving us a call. 
•    Rodents from £30 per visit
•    Cockroaches from £30 per visit
•    Bedbugs from £45 per visit
•    Fleas form £55 per visit
•    Wasps from £45 per visit
•    Ants from £60 per visit
•    Textile Pests from £60 per visit
•    Stored product insects from £60 per visit
•    Bird control from £45 (advice)/£150 (treatment) per visit
•    Wildlife; Squirrels, Moles, Foxes from £45 per visit

At Monitor Pest Control you can take advantage of our guarantee for both residential and commercial customers. For residents and commercial clients we’ll return free of charge within a month if your pest problems reoccur. 

For your own pest control quote, just give us a ring on 01474 358 855 or complete the online form.