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Pest Control in Chelmsford

If you have a pest problem, we have a cost effective and reliable method for resolving the issue. We help both domestic and commercial customers with a variety of pest problems, working to the highest standards in health and safety. To find out more about our pest control in Chelmsford and book a visit, call or email us today.

At Monitor Pest Control, we work all over the South East, serving industries such as:

  • Public Sector
  • Food & Catering
  • Schools
  • Residential Care
  • Construction & Housing

We have been working in pest control for many decades now and over this time, have built up the experience and know how to quickly and efficiently resolve any problem. By choosing us you can guarantee peace of mind.

Among our range of pest control solutions, include the following:

Rodents: These would include rats and mice, commonly found where there’s a food source. Schools, hotels and catering businesses are typical places to find rodents and should be dealt with quickly to avoid a problem.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches are common in unclean environments and measures should be taken to eradicate them from your home or workplace as quickly as possible.

Bedbugs: Bedbugs often prove problematic in places such as hotels and hostels, where a number of people stay over the weeks and months. Avoid customer complaints by ensuring any issues are quickly dealt with.  

Wasps & Hornets: In late summer wasps and hornets often surface as they go looking for food. Nests are built in trees, lofts or roof rafters and both wasps and hornets can be dangerous when irritated.

Birds: Whilst birds aren’t often considered pests, pigeons and seagulls can be problematic, especially when nesting around your home. Seagulls especially can be aggressive and cause a health risk. 

Cost of pest control in Chelmsford

We offer pest control solutions for a number of problems and below you’ll see the basic cost of our services:

  • Rodents from £30 per visit
  • Cockroaches from £30 per visit
  • Bedbugs from £45 per visit
  • Fleas form £55 per visit
  • Wasps from £45 per visit
  • Ants from £60 per visit
  • Textile Pests from £60 per visit
  • Stored product insects from £60 per visit
  • Bird control from £45 (advice)/£150 (treatment) per visit
  • Wildlife; Squirrels, Moles, Foxes from £45 per visit

At Monitor Pest Control we also offer our full guarantee and promise to return free within a month if the problem reoccurs. This ensures you have the trust and confidence you need. 

For more information on our pest control in Chelmsford, or any of the other areas with cover, get in touch with the team today. You can call now on 01474 358 855 or email the team at [email protected].

You can also get in touch with us, using the form on the right-hand-side. We’ll then call you back within 24 hours.