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Pigeon Control

Our Commercial Pigeon Control Services, for Businesses, Commercial Buildings, Local Authorities & Housing Associations.

Pigeons are one of the most common bird pests, thriving in urban areas, inhabiting roof spaces, window ledges and eves. Not only do pigeons cause damage to buildings, but they create unsightly soiling and smells and carry a range of harmful diseases, which can pose a serious threat to public health.

Monitor Bird Control offers a specialist pest control and prevention service to control pigeons and provide a variety of pigeon proofing methods to protect your business or organisation. Our pigeon control specialists are local authority approved and work across a range of sectors including social housing, office and industrial, catering, public sector and food processing. Using cutting edge bird infestation treatments, we will 

provide cost-effective, efficient and long-term solutions that will remove your pigeon problem with minimum disruption to you and your premises.  


Pigeon Control Services

  • Pigeon netting
  • Pigeon spikes
  • Hawk flying  
  • Pigeon guano cleaning
  • Pigeon trapping
  • Electric pigeon deterrents
  • Specialist pigeon control and rope access technicians


All UK birds are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and there are laws and legislations surrounding bird control. Monitor Bird Control can remove and control pigeons under general license. If your business is suffering from a pigeon problem, call Monitor Bird Control on: 01474 358855. Our pigeon control specialists operate throughout London and the South East.

Did you know?

There are up to 13 different kinds of harmful bacteria in bird droppings. These can cause a variety of health risks including: Salmonella – intestinal infection. Ornithosis – symptoms range from flu like illness to pneumonia. Bird fanciers lung – an allergic condition caused by exposure to dust inhaled from bird debris. Roosting or nesting birds can cause damage, severe nuisance and safety hazards.

For more information please download our Bird Control Brochure 


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