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Bird Control Services in the South East

Our Commercial Bird Pest Control Treatments in Kent for Businesses, Commercial Buildings, Local Authorities & Housing Associations.

Bird Proofing Solar Panels | Pigeon Control London | Seagull Prevention

Monitor Bird Control in Kent offers a specialist bird control and prevention service to businesses and organisations in Kent, London and the South East. Our cost-effective, efficient and long-term solutions will prevent birds - such as pigeons and seagulls - from damaging your building, nesting in your facility and causing unappealing sights and smells for your staff and visitors. Roosting or nesting birds can cause damage, severe nuisance and health and safety hazards. Some pest bird species such as seagulls can also be quite aggressive.  

We offer a wide range of bird control solutions including bird deterrents such as roof bird control, nest removal, bird spikes and bird netting to prevent birds from causing damage to property. We provide our services to a range of sectors - including: Office Buildings, Restaurants, Local Authorities, Social Housing Sector and Food Processing. With highly skilled technicians and cutting-edge bird infestation treatments, we will deal with your bird problems quickly, effectively and with minimum disruption to you and your business premises.


For more info download our Bird Control Brochure below 


Our specialist bird control solutions include:

  • Where necessary, free onsite audit to identify the extent of the issue and make appropriate recommendations
  • Site-specific risk assessments
  • Free quotation
  • Pigeon & Gull proofing service
  • All work is fully insured 

Why do you need bird control?

  • Health and safety - bird droppings (guano) can represent a slip hazard when wet, particularly when on outside steps or fire escapes.
  • Building damage - guano contains acid which can damage buildings and cars.
  • Health risks - there are up to 13 different kinds of harmful bacteria in bird droppings. These can cause a variety of health and safety hazards including:  
    • Salmonella – intestinal infection and they can also carry bird mites;
    • Ornithosis – symptoms range from flu like illness to pneumonia; and
    • Bird Fancier’s lung – an allergic condition caused by exposure to dust inhaled from bird debris.
  • Contamination of water supplies - bird droppings can contaminate water supplies and air conditioning systems, leading to health risks.
  • Noise and aggression - some birds (particularly seagulls) can be quite aggressive and will harry your employees and site visitors for food. What's more, they can be noisy and cause a lot of disruption to your office environment.
  • BRC and Salsa accreditation - if you are BRC or Salsa accredited, it is imperative that you do not allow birds ingress into your premises, particularly in those areas where food preparation, manufacturing or packing takes place. Failure to secure your premises could lead to loss of accreditation.








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We also offer general Pest Control Services such as rodent control.

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