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Rats can cause substantial damage to your business, including physical damage to your premises and reputational damage.  Any business can have a problem with rats, but with the correct pest control and prevention procedure in place, an infestation can be stopped in its tracks and eradicated for good.

Our pest control technicians are highly experienced in removing rats from your business and preventing rats from entering your premises. We are Local Authority approved and are specialists in providing rat control services to food and catering businesses, including BRC accredited organisations.

Signs of Rats in Your Businesses

Rats are mainly active at night, therefore it’s often possible to spot the signs of a rat infestation, without seeing any rats. 

The common signs of a rat infestation are:

Rat droppings – small brown/black tapered pellets, roughly the size of a skinny raisin. 

Gnawing – rats need to gnaw on things to keep their continuously growing incisor teeth down. They will gnaw woodwork, plastic, lead pipes and will strip insulation from electrical cables.

Scratching noises – often coming from wall cavities.

Rat holes – rats will make a network of runs and burrows for shelter, nesting and food storage.

Rat nests – rats will shred soft materials to make nests. This could be cardboard, loft insulation, or any kind of soft furnishing.  

Rat Control Services for Businesses

The most efficient and effective way of getting rid of rats from your business is using a professional pest control company.

Our commercial rat control services include:

A site visit – to establish the extent of the rat problem, points of entry and nest sites.

Fast effective treatments – we will use targeted baiting that will quickly eradicate rat and other rodent infestations with minimal disruption to business operations.

Prevention – we can provide proof (exclusion) services your business from future infestations

Our pest control technicians are trained to British Pest Control Association (BPCA) approved standards and adhere to the highest operational standards and current health and safety legislation, giving you the peace of mind that your rat problem will be dealt with responsibly and professionally. 

What type of customers do we work for?

Our technicians successfully provide commercial rat control services to businesses in Kent, London, Surrey and East Sussex, including:

Food Processing Businesses
Local Authorities
Community Housing Schemes
Offices and Industrial Units
Educational Institutions

Where do we work?

We carry out professional rat control treatments for businesses in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex.   

How to prevent rats from entering your business?

Rats can cause significant damage to your business, but there are many precautions business owners can take to prevent a rat infestation from taking hold.

Rats require access to food and water and will be drawn to places where there is shelter and a regular food supply. Food businesses in particular need to take extra precautions to deter rats – keep areas free from food debris, don’t allow clutter to build-up in outside areas and regularly inspect your business premises for gaps and holes in exterior walls (rats only need a 15mm gap to gain entry). If your business has outside bins, ensure these are made of a strong material with a tight-fitting lid.

What should you do if your business has a problem with rats?

If you see signs of rats in your businesses and suspect an infestation, act fast and call a professional pest control company. All rodents breed rapidly and become sexually mature very quickly. Each female may produce multiple litters of young in a year, so an infestation can get out of hand very quickly.

To remove rats from your business call Monitor Pest Control to discuss our commercial rat control treatments on 01474 358855. Our technicians can also provide advice on preventing rat infestations and put a pest management and prevention plan in place to protect your business from a wide variety of pests.