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Pest types

Our technicians are highly experienced at dealing with a wide variety of common pests, including:

Rats & Mice, Cockroaches, BedbugsFleas, Wasps & BeesBirds and Other Mammals.


Monitor Pest Control has been providing a range of pest control services to businesses and the Local Authorities in the South East for over 25 years. Priding ourselves on service and guaranteed satisfaction, we have built an excellent reputation across a wide spectrum of sectors, including educationoffice buildings, catering and community housing

Our approach to pest control is simple, we employ trained technicians and management, and use safe and effective materials and equipment.

We are ready to tackle all your pest problems or help prevent problems occurring in the first place. All year round, whether it's warm weather insect plagues, winter rodent invasions, or the nocturnal activities of cockroaches, we will protect you from a wide range of species.

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