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Jasper the Harris Hawk pays a visit

After having bird proofing treatment at the building - 210 Pentonville Rd, which reduced the offending pigeon problems, our clients wanted an on going deterrent to the local pigeon population. As part of an Integrated Pest Management approach, we introduced hawk flying as an environmentally friendly means of dealing with bird problems at this London building.

The hawk is used to deter (not kill) the birds roosting at this building.Jasper is a Harris Hawk. We fly him to deter pigeons around the building. Jasper's first visit to site was just a scout mission to show the birds that there is a hawk protecting the building. This approach is to compliment any treatment of the structure with proofing installations such as netting, wiring, spikes or 'fire gel'.

If your business is suffering from bird problems, we offer a variety of bird control services. Contact us for prices and further informaton. 

Harris hawk face - bird control