Whether you have discovered pests on your premises, or are looking to safeguard against pests, choosing a professional pest control company to protect your business from pests is an important decision.

Without a pest prevention plan in place, rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs and other common pests can infiltrate your business, causing damage to your business premises and reputation. Depending on what kind of business you own, the penalties if pests are discovered on your business premises could be severe, including large fines, prosecution and even business closure.  

If you’re looking for a pest control company for your business, here are a few key points to consider:

Professional Certifications and Accreditations

British Pest Control Association (BPCA)

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is the leading UK trade association, representing organisations with a professional interest in the eradication and management of public health pests.

The BPCA is a non-profit group that promotes the highest standards of professionalism within the pest control industry and pest control companies have to prove their compliance to become members. BPCA members must comply with current legislation and work to the standards outlined in the BPCA Codes of Best Practice

BPCA certified companies will be highly trained and insured, providing you with peace of mind that your pest control requirements will be dealt with professionally and responsibly.

The National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA)

The NPTA is a professional trade association that represents all sectors within the public health and pest control Industry and helps businesses and individuals find properly trained and insured pest controllers local to them.  Members are kept updated on the latest industry developments and best practices for effective pest control procedures.

The Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA)

CEPA is the European pest management services trade association. This European standard specifies the requirements, recommendations and basic competences under which pest management service companies must operate to meet the needs of their customers.


When you’re comparing pest control companies, consider how long each provider has been operating in the pest control industry and whether they have relevant experience, both in terms of dealing with the pests you’re concerned about and in the industry sector in which you operate.

Different pests require very different treatments, so if you want your pest problem to be eradicated quickly and efficiently, choose a pest controller with plenty of experience in this area. The method for cockroach control, for example, is very different to getting rid of rats, so if you have a rat control problem, ensure you choose a pest control company with plenty of experience in rodent control.

Depending on the industry sector in which you operate, there may also be different rules and regulations regarding acceptable and safe pest control methods. If you work in food production or catering, it is essential to choose a pest control company with significant experience in this sector to ensure you’re complying with the latest food hygiene regulations. 


Take your time to get quotes from a number of companies so you can compare prices, but don’t let price be the sole factor in making your decision.

One-off and small pest problems, such as wasp nest removal, can usually be quoted on the phone, but for ongoing pest prevention services and larger pest control contracts, a site visit may be required to provide an accurate quote. 


Try to choose a local pest control company, or one that has technicians regularly operating in your area. If you’re within their regular area, benefits could include lower rates and a faster response times for pest incidents. Pests such as mice and rats breed rapidly, so it’s important to get your rodent control expert out quickly, before an infestation can take hold.

About Monitor Pest Control

Monitor Pest Control, based in Kent, are members of the BPCA and NPTA. We provide pest control services to businesses in Kent, London and the South East.

Operating for over 25 years, Monitor has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the pest control industry, including the current legislation and health and safety requirements for pest control in a variety of business sectors.  Our fully qualified and experienced technicians provide pest control and pest prevention services to local authorities, food production and catering businesses, offices and industrial buildings, the education sector and community housing schemes.

We are highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of common pests, so whether you need help getting rid of rats, wasp nest removal, or implementing a prevention plan for cockroach control, Monitor can help. Our pest control services include rodent controlcockroach control, wasp nest removal, bird controlbedbug controlflea control, a variety of other general insect pest control services, as well as fox pest control and squirrel pest control

If you’re looking for a local pest control company in Kent that regularly operates in London and the surrounding areas, then please get in touch. We’d be happy to provide a free site visit and quotation to manage your pest problem and provide ongoing support to protect your business from pests in the future. To contact us, please use the contact form or call 01474 358855.