Although summer may be on it’s way out, we are still experiencing a large number of enquiries about summer pests. You may still notice an increase in the number of insects flying and crawling about your business premises, home and grounds. Whether they’re invading your outside seating areas, making a home for themselves in your office or warehouse, or causing irritating and itchy red bites, we’re here to help you keep these pests at bay.

Summer insects – which are most prevalent between July and September?

Bedbugs, fleas, mosquitos and cockroaches are just a handful of the most prevalent summer insects which like to make an appearance for the entirety of the summer. When you add wasps and ants, mice and house flies into the mix, we’re confident that the last thing you’ll want to deal with is an infestation.

Pests are hardy little creatures, and when you consider that a mouse can start breeding from two months of age and cockroaches can live for as long as six weeks without any food, it’s important to take some basic preventative measures to give yourself the best chance of staying pest free this summer.

Summer pest control tip #1 – Wasps

An intrusive pest with no awareness of personal space, wasps revel in stealing food and terrorising people, and the threat of their nasty sting is enough to make anyone recoil in fear (even if you don’t suffer from allergies!). If a wasp nest develops near your home or business, you will need to get expert advice as soon as possible for treatment.  You can buy wasp traps, but it is important to take care in how these are handled and it is not advisable to attempt to use them unless you are certain you know what you are doing. We don’t recommend that you try to deal with a wasp nest yourself, as they’ll fiercely defend it.

Summer pest control tip #2 – Rodents

Although not exclusively considered summer pests, rodents will happily invade your home or business during summer. Spreading disease and causing immense damage as they go, if you spot even one rat or mouse on your premises, we recommend immediate action, as where there’s one, there will be plenty more nearby. As an example, a pair of rats can produce as many as 2,000 offspring during the space of a year! When it comes to preventative measures for rodents, we recommend disposing of all food waste responsibly, checking your drains on a regular basis, ensuring food products are stored in heavy plastic containers, and perhaps most importantly, denying them entry. They can squeeze through gaps of just 15mm, so it’s worth checking any access points are properly sealed and holes filled.

Summer pest control tip #3 – Mosquitos

Seemingly impossible to swat and relentlessly biting during a (supposedly relaxing) summer’s evening, the itchy red bumps these blood-sucking pests leave behind are not much fun. While a good insect repellent will be of some help, other tips to consider are getting rid of any stagnant or standing water and asking a pest control professional to check out any areas where they could be breeding (e.g., guttering).

Summer pest control tip #4 – Ants

These tiny summer insects are always on the lookout for food. Ants will eat just about anything, and if you’re guilty of leaving food lying around at home or work, ants will happily invade your premises to secure their next meal. Keeping ants at bay generally isn’t too difficult a task, and good general cleaning habits such as wiping up food and drink spills immediately and storing food correctly is the best way to avoid ant infestations. However, if you discover a nest, there are some initial measures you can take which you can find here, but if the problems persist or you want to ensure you no longer have an infestation, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to assist.

Although summer insects and other summer pests can be challenging to deal with, don’t let infestations and pest problems ruin your sun-filled summer months. Monitor’s pest control service means we’re always on hand to investigate, eliminate and protect you and your business, estate and premises.