• Is your business plagued by nuisance birds?
  • Are seagulls intimidating your customers?
  • Are pigeons damaging your business premises?
  • Is bird debris and fouling causing a health risk to your staff and customers?

Business owners can suffer from any number of problems caused by birds. A bird problem, whether caused by pigeons or seagulls, can damage your premises, pose a serious health risk to your staff and customers, and risk your reputation.

Monitor Bird Control in Kent provide cost-effective and long-term bird deterrent solutions for businesses in the South East, including pigeon control in London, seagull prevention services in Dover, bird netting for buildings in London, bird removal in Essex and bird pest control in East Sussex.

What risks do birds pose to my business?

If birds are flocking, roosting or nesting round your businesses premises, not only will they cause unappealing sights and smells for your visitors, but their droppings can carry a number of different types of bacteria, which are harmful to humans. Associated health risks from contact with birds include Salmonella, intestinal infections and allergic reactions triggered by inhaling dust and debris.  

Food premises are particularly susceptible to bird problems, as their droppings can jeopardise hygiene standards and food safety.  For food premises based on the coast, seagulls are a common problem, as they are natural scavengers and can get quite aggressive, intimidating your staff and customers. 

How do you get rid of birds from your business premises?

By law, the removal of birds, or the use of bird deterrents, should only be carried out by a bird control professional under licence and if birds are dealt with in the wrong way, you could be penalised. Monitor Bird Control is highly experienced in the removal of birds from all types of business premises including office and industrial units, food processing facilities, manufacturing plants and civic buildings. 

Our highly trained technicians will inspect your premises to assess the extent of the bird infestation and recommend an appropriate treatment and ongoing bird prevention solution for your premises. We will eliminate your bird problem and take the necessary steps to protect your business from future bird problems. 

What bird prevention services do we offer?

We can offer a number of bird control services for businesses in Kent and London, including bird netting and spikes, hawk flying, electric bird deterrent tracks, and egg and nest removal (where licencing allows).

Different types of businesses and premises will require different solutions, so our surveyor will devise a bird prevention method which is appropriate for your specific set of circumstances and causes the least disruption to your day to day operation.  

Monitor Bird Control specialises in pest control and bird control for businesses. If your business has a bird pest problem and you’re based in Kent, London or the South East call Monitor Bird Control on 01474 358855.