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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Solar panels provide an ideal environment for nesting birds, such as pigeons, and many businesses and homeowners are plagued with the problem of pigeons nesting under solar panels, causing damage to the roof and the panels themselves. Bird guano is not only a health hazard, carrying a number of harmful diseases, but it’s also highly corrosive and in significant quantities can damage your roof and compromise the efficiency of your solar panels.

Monitor Bird Control offers a comprehensive solar panel pigeon proofing service across London and The South East, providing long-term solutions to protect your solar panels from pigeons and other birds.  


Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Services

  • Solar panel netting
  • Specialist guano removal and cleaning
  • Specialist rope access technicians
  • Bird and nest removal
  • Bird deterrent solutions


If your home or business premises is suffering from pigeons nesting under solar panels, call Monitor Bird Control on 01474 358855 Our technicians will conduct a site survey and advise on the best method of dealing with your bird pest problem.

Monitor Bird Control is licensed in the removal of a variety birds including pigeons and seagulls. If you have an ongoing problem with birds damaging your premises, find out about our full range of Bird Control Services.

For further information, please download our Bird Control Brochure


Solar Panel - bird control